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« Last post by carpinteyrogfx on March 26, 2013, 12:37:34 pm »
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« Last post by prostivrn on March 24, 2013, 12:07:08 pm »
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Заходи и время потратишь с пользой, 1000 %.

Zhan Huang exposing to the sun jumps out 14 years person of 3 homes lake is in the contract awesomely row
Beijing time on March 21, ESPN report, wen Huosi of reporter of for use of an emperor is written especially civil express, from eye antecedent condition looks, almost affirmative meeting is in Zhanmusi to jump out next year the contract becomes free player. And besides renew the contract with showing tremendous enthusiasm besides, 3 Zhanmusi's most possible site are support of the people of knight, lake ox. Next summer, zhanmusi will greet another " decision " .   The good friend exposes to the sun Zhanmusi is almost fixed jump out contract  ESPN reporter Wen Huosi is known as a child with Zhanmusi especially, two people relation is different from general. Zhanmusi announces the autograph makes an appointment with showing tremendous enthusiasm in those days, wen Huosi followed from Cleveland especially Miami, accordingly he is the reporter of for use of an emperor of small emperor not only, two people also are a good friend. Should speak of at present contract status of Zhanmusi, wen Huosi expresses especially, zhan Huang can use player option to jump out for certain almost contract, free player was become 2014. The reason basically is the following at 4 o'clock:   Joined in 2010 above all showing tremendous enthusiasm when, the contract that Zhanmusi signs is not contract carrying firewood on the head. Because this jumps ahead of schedule,give a contract, zhanmusi can receive a new contract carrying firewood on the head, pay is met probably taller. Consider for team of course, musike can meet Zhan to choose to fall again firewood, but at least his many freedom that gave an option.   If stay in showing tremendous enthusiasm,be next, zhanmusike in order to get 5 years contract. Of course, zhanmusi also can choose to seek 4 years contract. It is Zhanmuside again to a new contract, this can let him obtain likewise jump out in future the option of the contract, is not mere renew the contract in new regulation. Jump out namely finally contract, zhanmusike in order to have freer choice, choose prospective team and teammate. Zhanmusi is already fast 30 years old, a contract is his peak jordan shoes wholesale finally likely very peak period. No matter be to renew the contract,showing tremendous enthusiasm still goes other better team, zhanmusi can oneself make a choice.   Besides renew the contract showing tremendous enthusiasm, zhanmusi joins in the most likely 3 team  Etc become free player, zhanmusiken decides can comprehensive program, make again " decision " , resemble 2010 in that way. Return showing tremendous enthusiasm is a right choice of course, zhanmusi can continue probably and Wei heart and wave assorted fight side-by-side. But agreement of new labour and capital and stringent extravagant tax policy, increased the risk that 3 tycoons break however.   And besides renew the contract showing tremendous enthusiasm, about Zhanmusi at present 3 kinds of views with most place to go part is support of the people of knight, lake ox. The knight is one very potential team, the young Cai Jun such as Ervine, Weitesi is had in the team, it is home town team of Zhanmusi and old boss. When next summer, the knight will have enough compensation space, go becoming famous below the autograph star, will help team further upward.   Lake person also been searchinging the banner sex player with the new team after division comparing retires. Division comparing contract will expire 2014, he alludes himself to retire likely. If lake person wants, they can vacate compensation space, go going after Zhanmusi. As to the ox, they are OK amnesty Buzeer, wait for Luo Er next - Deng contract expires, can compensation space offers a contract for Zhanmusidi. And Zhanmusi can be mixed the person such as A of Ross, Nuo fights side-by-side.   Zhanmusi makes known his position to say to do not have any plans  In fact, whether to jump out 2014 contract, zhanmusi can make a decision to the front of will end in June next year. And the place to go about future, zhanmusi also expresses to do not have any plans at present. "My full now attention wins total championship again namely. I do not care so called gossip and guess. " Zhanmusi say, "We care to hit good shot now only, and defend crown champion hard. " but without giving thought to how, hearing the footstep of time, zhanmusi 2014 " decision " , leaving us is closer and closer. 
 (responsibility edits: Of Ba Qiao prentice)
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« Last post by barmost on February 20, 2013, 04:34:28 pm »
Hack again?!
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« Last post by Unknown on February 15, 2013, 09:44:35 am »
Unknown message
Chat / Hello! I'm new here, so just saying hi :)
« Last post by Buimmenike on November 02, 2012, 06:17:45 pm »
I really like your forum here. So I decided to be a part of it :)
And here I am saying HELLO EVERYBODY!! :D
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?????? ????, ??????? ?????????? ???? ?? ? ??????????????? ?????????? ?????? ????????? (?????? ?? ??? ???? ????????). ??????
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